Forged Original Ring Size 6

SKU: FOR1006
Average: 4.8

Recent Reviews

This is my new favorite ring! The hammered look makes it really shiny and classy. The fit is very comfortable. I have worn it with Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Dots and they all look great!
The Forged Ring is so comfy on my finger. With the recessed design I don't have to worry about losing my Dot.
I love rings, this Silver Forged Ring is a good fit and comfortable. I have fun changing Original dots for a different look everyday.
This ring is fun and unique! The distressed metal look is fun and comfortable! A great ring for everyday.
I love this Forged Original Ring. It is striking in craftsmanship. This foundation is a perfect addition to any of the Forged Foundation, setting off the look - Perfection!
Simple but classic! This ring is very comfortable to wear!