About Giving Circle


How Giving Circle started...

Following the devastation of the 2010 earthquake, Dr. Cheryl Fogarty (Sister of Style Dots Co-Founder Gina Smith) created Labor of Love. Their purpose was to establish a safe and trustworthy group of midwives in Fonds Parisien, Haiti to combat the 50% infant mortality rate of the country.

Labor of Love was a collaboration with Haitian Christian Mission, and because fully consolidated with Christ Pour Tous (Christ for All) Hospital in 2018. By providing obstetrical and delivery services, the infant mortality rate was lowered the neonatal mortality to less than 1%.

Style Dots created our original “Baby Feet” Dot, and all proceeds have gone directly to Labor of Love.

And then...

In 2015, Style Dots began a partnership with Wholehearted Home in Haiti. This organization focuses on supporting parents and children in a loving home environment. The primary way Style Dots partners with Wholehearted Home is through the sale of products which are handmade  by Haitians using recycled cereal boxes and clay. All the proceeds from the sale of those products go directly to Wholehearted Home and their mission.

Through Style Dots Boutique Partners and clients, we have been able to provide a well for clean drinking water (2016), generators to ensure reliable electricity to the house (2017), a private garden for a more diverse diet (2018), chickens and coops (2019), and solar panels (2020)!

About Wholehearted Home

Then we thought, "Let's do this at home!"

After seeing the success of a long-term partnership with Wholehearted Home, our co-founders and leaders wanted to find a U.S. based charity that they could support as well. In 2020, Style Dots announced an exciting new opportunity with a charity that is changing lives! I Pour Life has committed itself to the development and growth of older foster and at-risk youth. Through evidence-based programs they work to ensure that those at a pivotal moment in their life have the tools to succeed. Their LifeStrengths program uses one-on-one LifeCoaching to transition those youth from governmental dependence to self-sustainability in a family that they will never age out of.

About I Pour Life

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