Dot Sets

Red Julianna Set

Contains a Red Julianna Original Dot and two Red Whirlpool Original Dots

Red Whirlpool Set

Contains Red Whirlpool Original Dot and two Ruby Classic Solitaire Original Dots

Fuchsia Grandiose Set

Contains a Fuchsia Grandiose Original Dot and two Rhodolite Classic Solitaire Original Dots

Pink Harmony Set

Contains a Pink Harmony Original Dot and two White Jessica Original Dots

Fuchsia Marie Set

Contains a Fuchsia Marie Original Dot and two Pink Twinkle Original Dots

Rose Couture Set

Contains a Rose Couture Original Dot and two Desert Bloom Couture Original Dots

Pink Anemone Set

Contains Pink Anemone Original Dot and two Rose Classic Solitaire Original Dots

Yellow Harmony Set

Contains an Yellow Harmony Original Dot and two Yellow Gleam Original Dots

Coral Quantum Set

Contains a Coral Quantum Original Dot and two SIlver Firenze Original Dots

Natural Turquoise Set

Contains a Natural Turquoise Original Dot and two Silver Burst Original Dots

Blue Sofia Set

Contains a Blue Sofia Original Dot and two Blue Topaz Classic Solitaire Original Dots

Blue Cecilia Set

Contains a Blue Cecilia Original Dot and two Blue Bling Cat Eye Original Dots

Blue Eva Set

Contains a Blue Eva Original Dot and two Sapphire Classic Solitaire Original Dots

Navy Allison Set

Contains a Navy Allison Original Dot and 2 Natural Lapis Original Dots

Purple Isabella Set

Contains a Purple Isabella Original Dot and 2 Purple Amanda Original Dots

Purple Allison Set

Contains a Purple Allison Original Dot and 2 Pearlized Classic Solitaire Original Dots

Classic Pearl Set

Contains a Classic Pearl Original Dot and 2 Diamond Classic Solitaire Dots

White Celeste Set

Contains a White Celeste Original Dot and 2 White Jessica Original Dots

Gray Allison Set

Contains a Gray Allison Original Dot and two White Jessica Original Dots.

Black Savannah Set

Contains a Black Savannah Original Dot and two Black Bella Original Dots

Black Empress Set

Contains a Black Empress Original Dot and 2 Onyx Classic Solitaire Original Dots

Brown Whirlpool Set

Contains a Brown Whirlpool Original Dot and two Natural Tiger Eye Original Dots

Red Elizabethan Square Set

Contains a Red Elizabethan Square Dot and 2 Red Shell Original Dots