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Our Story

Style Dots was born out of friendship -- friends that met through their careers as direct selling sales representatives. We are blessed to say that our direct selling career made a huge impact on us personally and on our family's financial lives. We would talk for hours about what our dream company would look like if we had the chance! We wanted to share the amazing benefits of having a direct selling career with others and when that chance arrived Style Dots was born! We would love to share these amazing benefits with you!

Gina Smith and Karen Green - Co-founders
Dot Central Dream Team
Style Dots Leadership Team
Quality, Patented Products
Recessed Setting
Our patent-pending recessed setting 
creates a seamless look.
Dot Key
Our Dot Key makes changing out your 
dots easier than ever.
One-Year Warranty
All Style Dots products have a one-year warranty against defects!
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Our Annual Giving Circle Project with Wholehearted Home

Style Dots was created with the intention to give back doing work we love. Our Give Back Bracelets are created by artisans in Haiti, and all of the profits from our monthly Giving Circle Exclusives go directly to benefit various nonprofit organizations that are doing work we love. Our hope is to have influence and impact, and to make a meaningful difference in as many lives as we can.

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About Giving Circle
See how the Giving Circle works to benefit the lives of others.
Giving Circle Exclusives
Your purchase will benefit the featured organization for the month.
New Each Month
We announce our Giving Circle Exclusives on Facebook each month!